The Clincher

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The Clincher is a synthetic deceiver pattern built with movement and durability in mind. The Clincher has a very seductive S swimming motion and turns hard to side to show it's profile to entice predators eat on the pause. I like to fish this pattern with hard, erratic strips to make this fly really move. Available in 3 sizes: 6", 8", and 10". I like to fish this fly for anything from trout and bass to musky and exotic species. 

Hook Sizes:

6" Clincher- Sz 2 Ahrex Hooks Light Stinger (rear), Ahrex Hooks 1/0 Predator Stinger (front)

8" Clincher- 1/0 Ahrex Hooks Aberdeen Predator (rear), 2/0 Ahrex Hooks Trout Predator (front)

10" Clincher- 2/0 Ahrex Hooks Aberdeen Predator (rear), 4/0 Ahrex Hooks Predator Stinger