The Heatseeker

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The Heatseeker is a deer hair wedgehead fly designed for low water conditions or when the fish are very aggressive. The body of this fly is made of all synthetic materials meaning it is extremely lightweight because it holds almost no water. I like to fish this fly with an aggressive strip with an exaggerated pause. Available in two sizes 6" and 8". I like to fish this fly for a wide variety of species from trout and bass to musky and exotics.

Hook Sizes:

6 Inch Heatseeker- Sz 2 Ahrex Hooks Light Stinger (rear), 1/0 Ahrex Hooks 26* Bent Streamer Hook (front)

8 Inch Heatseeker- 1/0 Ahrex Hooks Aberdeen Predator (rear), 3/0 Ahrex Hook 26* Bent Streamer Hook (front)