Claws Up Craw

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The Claws Up Craw is a single hook crawdad fly designed with the intention of being able to mix multiple colors on the claws with a natural material. Of course I chose bucktail for a couple of reasons, one it holds some air which will naturally draw the claws up, and secondly it is a fairly rigid material but has fantastic movement in the water. The bucktail claws coupled with some hidden 2mm foam at the bend of the hook draws the rear end of the fly up into the fighting position. Tied on a super sharp Ahrex Hooks Sz 1 26* Bent Streamer Hook I use the Claws Up to target Trout, Carp, Largemouth and Smallmouth, Catfish, and various other warmwater native species. Can be fished on all line types, I personally prefer a floating line to accentuate the jigging action of the fly. I prefer to fish the Claws Up on a fast action 6 wt rod.