Disco Deceiver

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The Disco Deceiver is my go to articulated streamer when I am brown trout fishing in both the 8" and 6" fly. This fly is very easy to cast (can be fished on a 6wt fly rod). The 2 Flymen Fishing Co. shanks coupled with the wire densities of the super sharp Ahrex Hooks makes for a very serpentine swimming action. Wether you're fishing for trout, bass, pike, or any other predator species the Disco Deceiver will get chomped. 

6" hook sizes: Size 4 Ahrex Light Stinger (rear), Size 1/0 Ahrex Trout Predator (front)

8" hook sizes: Size 1/0 Ahrex Aberdeen Predator (rear), Size 4/0 Ahrex Predator Stinger (front)