Swamp Donkey Popper

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The Swamp Donkey Popper is a fly that is based off of bass fisherman's hollow bodied frogs, you can throw those things into any kind of cover without worrying about hanging up or your lure coming back covered in 10 pounds of moss. The Swamp Donkey is tied on a super sharp extra wide gap Ahrex Texas Predator hook and is tied with materials like SF Flash Blend and Bucktail that act as a weedguard and tail for the fly. The Double Barrel Popper head is tied separately on a 35mm Flymen Fishing Co. Articulated Shank to add action when the fly is stripped and accentuate the pop of the fly. I fish these for bass, pike, musky, and stripers. I would recommend at least a 7 wt to throw this fly simply because you want a rod with enough backbone to pull the fish out of heavy cover.

Hook size: Sz 3/0 Ahrex Hooks Texas Predator